Activity and projects

Since its establishment two years ago, Lithuanian Bicycle Business Association (LBBA) organized two meetings of associated members. The first one took place on December 16th, 2010, when representatives of 34 companies from all over Lithuania established the LBBA. The second one – on February 9, 2012 – was dedicated to review and approve annual activities of the LBBA Board and the President. During the meeting all the annual activity and financial reports were approved, Regulations on the Work of the Board (including the decision to increase the number of its members from 5 to 7), the Ethics Code, as well the budget for the year 2012 were affirmed. The first year of the existence of the LBBA proved to be successful and all the work done by the Board and the President laid good ground for its further development.
So far, four meetings of the LBBA Board took place and they were all mostly dedicated to outlining and composing main documents and regulations for the association. Additionally, members of the Board and the LBBA President were regularly engaged in various initiatives and projects with different public institutions (ministries, municipalities, police departments, etc.) trying to tackle problems related to the bicycle business market in Lithuania:
* LBBA is one of the main bodies in Lithuania that is trying to find effective ways and solutions how to fight against unfair competitions in the market and to stop the illegal trade of stolen bicycles in the country. This situation forced to seek for more attention from the government authorities to start tackling this problem in a more effective way. On the initiative of the LBBA President on May 9, 2011, LBBA Board met with representatives of government authorities and various public institutions.
·          * In order to fight against unfair competitions in Lithuanian bicycle market, a bilateral agreement was signed with the  Customs of the Republic of Lithuania; consultations with the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania are also taking place on a regular basis.
·         Contacts with majors of 17 Lithuanian municipalities were established and plans for improving bicycle infrastructure as well as promoting bicycles as the means of transport, professional sports and leisure were discussed.
·          * LBBA initiated creating the National Bicycle Register, which is supported by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Economy and the Police Department under the Ministry of Interior Affairs. Two meetings of all partners took place in February-March 2012. It was decided that LBBA will be creating the National Bicycle Register with the support and help of respective public institutions. The process is already in its first stages.


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