About LBBA

Lithuanian Bicycle Business Association


The establishment of the Lithuanian Bicycle Business Association (LBBA) was a natural process. It grew out from the numerous discussions among Lithuanian traders concerning the problems related to the regulation of the bicycle business market in Lithuania. The decision was to join efforts to cope with various challenges and fight against unfair competitions. On December 16th, 2010, representatives of 34 companies established the Lithuanian Bicycle Business Association.

Aims of the Association

  • To unite and coordinate activities of LBBA members in order to protect Lithuanian market from poor quality bicycles, parts, accessories and mechanical services.
  • To unite members of LBBA for projects related to activities of the Association as well as the improvement and growth of their own businesses.
  • To promote bicycles as the means of transport, professional sports and leisure.
  • To improve infrastructure of bicycles in Lithuania.
  • To protect members of LBBA from unfair competitions and other problems, and to seek for equal conditions of fair competition.
  • To organize professional seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other events for LBBA members in order to improve their knowledge, skills and qualification.
  • To establish cooperation with various associations and organizations from other countries.
  • To conduct promotional and PR campaigns; communicate through radio, television, press, Internet & social media.
  • To promote ideas of the Association as well as of cycling and events related to cycling in general.
  • To take part in social programmes, organize various events for LBBA members, etc.   

How to become a member of the LBBA?

Everyone related to bicycle business in Lithuania can become a member of LBBA. For that one has to submit these documents to the meeting of the Association members:Written Commitment to President of Association;Filled-in Form – download

Members of Lithuanian Bicycle Business Association

President of Lithuanian Bicycle Business Association

Rytis Paulikaitis, LTd. “Vasarė“ 

Board of Lithuanian Bicycle Business Association

  • Eugenijus Ūzas, PLLC “Dvirteka“,
  • Vytautas Kaupas, PLLC “Velonova“,
  • Remigijus Rutkauskas, PE “Girema“,
  • Stasys Pronskus, PLLC “Salasta“,